3rd test, Aust v India, 5th day, 5th hour, commentary

3rd test, Aust v India, 5th day, 5th hour, commentary

Post by Robert E » Tue, 07 Jan 1992 15:04:13

Prabhakar continued after tea, bowling to Healy.  A reasonable over till
the last ball, which was an easy full toss, from which Healy took three.
Shastri continued bowling to Healy, over the wicket, a maiden without
remarkable incident.

A few overs later, Shastri to Healy again, healy attempted to sweep Shastri
onto the on side, against the spin, got a top edge, and the ball went high,
giving Prabhakar an easy catch, strolling in from mid wicket to get under it.

Hughes replaced Healy, with an even more attacking field, fielders in almost
every space around the bat, there were planty close before.  Hughes played
out the over, which ended as nother wicket maiden.  Next over from Shastri
Hughes drove for two to get off the mark, then was nearly out next ball
when he may have gotten an edge to one that fell just short of Azharuddin
at slip.

With Shastri bowling to Hughes with slip, gully, short point, and bat pad,
Hughes struck him hard and high, down to long off, for three.  Prabhakar
continues bowling at the other end.  Next over from Shastri, Hughes hit
over the top again, this time to the mid on boundary.

Kapil Dev came on to replace Prabhakar, first ball to Hughes a full toss,
that Hughes just stroked to the off side, directly to the fieldsman.  He
took two through pint later in the over, then was beaten by the next ball
from Kapil - the ball just passing the outside edge as Hughes tried to
defend.  Aust 6/137, still 33 runs to get to make India bat again.

Border took two to deep extra cover, and decided against an easy third
from Shastri's next over, then took a short single from the next ball,
Hughes just beating the throw which was slightly wayward.  Kapil bowled
a mainde to Border, then Shastri one to Hughes, during which he came
back around the wicket to the right hander.  Kapil bowled another maiden
to Border, including one good yorker that Border had to dig out.  Hughes
played another maiden from Shastri, who must be getting tired, he's been
bowling for the past 2 hours of play, with just the tea break intervening.

Border took two from the first ball of Kapil's new over, the first runs for
ages.  Kapil followed with a no ball - bowling around the wicket to Border.
He then took a quick single from the last ball, and was well home when the
throw went past the stumps.

Borer came down the pitch to Shastri, got the poutside edge down to third
man, and took two.  Drinks were taken at 6/146, still 24 runs behind, with
4 wickets in hand.

15 overs are required to be bowled in the last hour ... India are well
ahead of the bowling rate so far, having bowled 70 overs at this point,
when they were required to bowl only 63 - but using th spinner for so
much, and with so many maidens, the over rate is easy to keep good.