ACB, Sharjah etc etc

ACB, Sharjah etc etc

Post by Tippu Hass » Tue, 11 Apr 1995 04:00:00


India's defeat in the first ODI vs Pak is more due to a bad strategy then anything
else. Has nothing to do with the colour of sight screens or the dimensions of the
hotel room. IMO, India struck to the strategy they now use i.e. start blasting
from the word go. They failes to include aaquib and akram into the equation.

All that needs be done in the final (provided both teams make it) is to see the
Pak opening attack off and then india should have a smooth ride.

Also, the ACB has decided not to make Warne, May and M. Waugh available for
cross examination by the Salim/Courts. ICC passed the PCB's request to ACB who have
flatly refused citing security concerns.

Let's see if they stick to their "security concerns" come world cup time.


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