Aggy vs PPP(Pathetic Passenger Prasad)[First 67 ODIs]

Aggy vs PPP(Pathetic Passenger Prasad)[First 67 ODIs]

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Before looking at the stats, think about the following

1. PPP started at a mature age of 24 with enough
experience in Domestics.
2. PPP played  most of his first 67 matches at a time
when the Jayasuriya phenomenon of going after the bowling
with full force had not yet taken full effect(before WC 1996).
This inflation has to be taken into account when seeing the ER.
3. PPP played in 4-5 foreign tours by the time of his first 67
matches and his ER there is bound to go down.


M Balls Maidens Runs Wickets Avg 5w Best Eco
68 3485  31     2742   80   34.27  - 4-27 4.57


Matches  Balls  Maidens  Runs  Wickets  Avg  5w  Best  Eco
68       3638     32     3135   104    30.14 -   4-35  5.21

* SR: Aggy: 34.98  PPP:43.56 -> Aggy beats PPP by 8.58

* WPM: Aggy: 1.529 PPP: 1.17 -> Aggy beats PPP by 0.35(that is like 35
wickets in 100 matches played)

* Avg: Aggy: 30.14  PPP: 34.27 -> Aggy beats PPP by 4.13

* ER: Aggy 5.2  PPP: 4.57 -> Please refer to the 3 above said points.

* MW spells: Easily a cake for Aggy(can someone find out? in 1998 almost
every 4th match was won by Aggy)

Clearly, Aggy beats PPP as a oneday bowler. Should i also mention
their batting avgs?(HE HE HE). ODIS today are not about just containing
the opposition as it was till 4 years ago, you have to give vital
breakthroughs too to your team when nothing is going right for them and
Aggy is much ahead of PPP if you consider all these things together.


"Agarkar has bowled superbly throught the Zim tour of India" Andy
Pycroft,former Zim player and now commentator

"I am impressed with Agarkar, he has speed and he provides
breakthroughs; he is clearly the best Indian bowler in view
in this series" Ian Chapell on Ch.9 during the Aus tour

"Agarkar is a genuine fast bowler and a great find for India"
Krish Srikanth after the Pak-A tour pimping for Aggy's selection
into the national team

"What can i say? He has a bright international future ahead of him"
Crapnath on Agarkar to Rediff team in an interview (Mazaaa Aa Gaya,

"When the opposition batsmen get going and all
other bowlers fail, its the reverse swing of Aggy
which makes the opposition derail" Shridhar in rsc

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