Last word on Gooch!!

Last word on Gooch!!

Post by Dave Smi » Sun, 19 Jun 1994 04:08:44

Dear cricket fans,

I appear, once again, to have got myself into a long, drawn-out debate.
This time on the subject of Graham Gooch and his 'rebel' tour to South
Africa. Whilst I don't agree with some of you (or perhaps I should say all
of you, as no-one else appears to agree with me), I do agree to disagree,
and as I shall now be away from this august network for the next fif***
weeks (on holiday the lucky sod!) I guess that now is a good time to
complete my involvement in this debate, and I hope that my comments
haven't upset anybody.

My final word on Goochm then: "Great player, Gooch...........what's that?
.......politics!, can't find it it rule 42.1?, that's the
'one-bouncer-per-team-per-decade' masterpiece!...........oh well, if you
can't find it, ignore it".


- Dave.