Cricket books available

Cricket books available

Post by Ajai Banar » Sun, 29 Dec 1991 10:12:15

                        CRICKET BOOKS AVAILABLE

  Here is a list of bookstores in Vancouver which carry books on cricket.
I am also listing the books on display along with prices(in Canadian dollars)  and other comments. Please see the general note at the bottom before ordering.

BOOK WAREHOUSE, 1150 ROBSON ST. (604) 872 5711
  Wisden 1990, hard cover:$12.99 (This covers the 1988-89 and 1989 seasons)

  Pictorial History of Cricket by Ashley Brown:$29.99. (A general history,       lavishly illustrated. Large format.)

  Great Innings by Peter Roebuck:$24.99

  England vs Australia by David Frith:$19.99 (Detailed history of all test
  matches between Eng and Aus upto 1986-87. Lavishly illustrated.Large format)

  Barclay's World of Cricket, edited by E.W.Swanton (1980 edition):$19.99
  (This is a good bargain, as it is the best overall encyclopedia for cricket.
  It has detailed articles on the history of cricket in all countries, fairly
  detailed history of all test matches upto 1979 besides biographies of many
  players. Large format.)

  West Indian Summer by Patrick Eagar:$16.99 (Pictures of England-WI series of

  John Arlott's 100 great batsmen:$11.99

BOOK WAREHOUSE, 632 W.BROADWAY, (604) 872 5711

  Wisden 1990, hard cover:$12.99

  Guinness book of Cricket Firsts by Robert Brooke and Peter Mathew: $12.99
  (A lot of interesting statistical trivia about cricket in different
  countries. Not to be confused with the other more exhaustive Guinness
  book of cricket by Frindall)

  The complete history of cricket tours home and abroad by Peter Wynne-Thomas
  $14.99 (A detailed history of all tours by England and all tours by other
  countries to England. Large format)

 OSCARS ART BOOKS, 1535 W. BROADWAY (604) 731 0553

  Barclays World of Cricket(1980 edition):$19.99 Described above

  Pictorial History of Cricket:$29.99 Described above

  All these places accept Visa/MC. Postage and packing is extra, and can be
quite substantial for the larger books.
  They may or may not be willing to ship to the US, but there's no harm
trying. If you have a problem I may be able to arrange to procure the books andsend them to you (though I don't take credit cards :-)