Aus vs Ind : Test 2 : Score at Lunch

Aus vs Ind : Test 2 : Score at Lunch

Post by Narasimha P » Fri, 27 Dec 1991 11:21:36

Shastri         c. Healy        b. Reid          23
Srikkanth       c. Boon         b. Reid           5
Prabhakar                       b. Reid           0
Manjrekar                                        23
Extras                                           10
                                        3 for    61

                O       M       R       W
Reid            8.5     3       10      3

Srikkanth tried to flick a ball away on the leg side, and the ball hit the
back of the bat and popped up into the air for short leg to take an easy
catch. Prabhakar, playing as a third opener for the Indians, was bowled first
ball on the leg stump by Bruce Reid. Reid was on a hat trick but the third
ball to Manjrekar went harmlessly down the leg side.
  Later, Manjrekar on 2 was dropped in slips by Mark Taylor from the last ball
of Merv Hughes' first over. Shastri was out dabbing at a ball outside the off
stump, which he only got a small edge to. Lunch was taken with the dismissal.

Source : Farrell in Aus

PVR Narasimha Rao