[Scorecard] Ind Wills: Maharashtra v Bengal, 1 Nov 1995

[Scorecard] Ind Wills: Maharashtra v Bengal, 1 Nov 1995

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Wills Trophy Quarter Finals
Maharashtra v Bengal
Pune, 1 November 1995

Bengal makes light of Maharashtra`s challenge
PV Vaidyanathan

Contrary to expectations, the Wills Trophy cricket  match  proved
one-sided  here  today  as  Bengal  trounced Maharashtra by eight
wickets with more than five overs remaining. In the semi-final to
be  played on November 3 here, Bengal will meet Board President`s

The toss proved a crucial factor. Utpal Chatterjee, the Ben-  gal
skipper, won the toss and put the opponent in on a pitch that had
moisture. The Bengal seamer Arindam Sarkar, who provided the ear-
ly   breakthroughs,   vindicated   Utpal`s decision. His stump to
stump medium-pace bowling fetched him four wickets.

Maharashtra never really recovered from the two early blows.  The
run-out   dismissals  of Shantanu Sugwekar and Surendra Bhave, in
the 29th and 30th overs of the innings,  proved   too  much   for
Maharashtra which carried a big tail in this match.

Santosh  Jedhe,  promoted as opener, failed to live up to  expec-
tations.  His  attempted  pull of Sarkar ended in a tame catch to
mid-off. Kinikar played across to be castled by Sarkar.

Bhave and skipper Sugwekar added 55  for  the  third  wicket when
disaster  struck  the  home  side.  Sugwekar was beaten by Chetan
Sharma`s throw from mid-on. Bhave (48) who gave enough signs   of
anchoring the innings, got himself run out following a bad mix-up
with newman Abhijit Kale. While going for a second run,  he   was
beaten  at  the  non-striker`s  end by a smart throw in by Devang
Gandhi. Arindam Sarkar claimed  Hrishikesh Kanitkar  and   Subash
Ranjane  off  successive deliveries to hasten the end of the home
teams innings.

With openers Ajay Verma and Devang Gandhi putting on 43  from  11
overs   Bengal  had  gained  enough ground in the match. With the
Maharashtra bowlers creating no impression,  neither  restricting
the  runs  nor  capable of taking wickets, the post lunch session
was devoid of competitive cricket. Medium-pacer Inamdar dismissed
Devang  Gandhi  with his first delivery. The lone bright spot for
Maharashtra was when the tall and gangling Kinikar dived at  for-
ward  short-leg  and  scooped  a catch to signal the dismissal of
Arun  Lal  (34  from  as  many  balls) who  turned    off-spinner
Hrishikesh Kanitkar around.

Ajay Verma and left-handed Saurav Ganguly added 104 for  the  un-
finished   third   wicket  in  a mere 22.5 overs. Ajay Verma, who
showed patience to launch aggression  on  the  loose  deliveries,
made an unbeaten 82 (180 minutes, 127 balls, nine 4s). He cut the
ball hard and also swung the spinners merrily on the leg-side.

Saurav Ganguly, as graceful as   ever,   stepped   on   the   ac-
celerator  in his wonted style. Saurav, who reached his 50 with a
6 over long-off Santosh Jedhe, the off-spinner, also hit seven 4s
in  his 85-ball essay. Saurav`s seventh boundary  an on-drive off
left-arm spinner Chitale-proved the winning hit.

====> Scorecard

Toss: Bengal
Result: Bengal won by 8 wickets.

S Jedhe               c Gandhi           b Sarkar               2
S Bhave               run out                                  48
Hemant Kinikar                           b Sarkar              19
S Sugvekar            run out                                  22
A Kale                c Gandhi           b Ganguly             24
Hrishikesh Kanitkar   c Arun Lal         b Sarkar              24
S Ranjane                                b Sarkar               0
P Chitale                                b Vaidya              17
S Kondhalkar          c Mukherjee        b Chatterjee          16
S Inamdar                                b Vaidya              10
M Kulkarni            not out                                   4
Extras                (lb 11, w 2, nb 4)                       17
TOTAL                 (all out, 49 overs)                     203

FoW: 1-4, 22-43, 3-8, 4-99, 5-150,
     6-150, 7-152, 8-170, 9-189, 10-203

Bowling                      O      M      R      W
Vaidya                      10      0     31      2
Sarkar                      10      2     32      4
Chetan Sharma                5      0     28      0
Ganguly                     10      1     37      1
Chatterjee                   8      0     37      1
Mukherjee                    6      0     27      0

BENGAL innings
A Verma               not out                                  82
D Gandhi                             c & b Inamdar             21
Arun Lal              c Kinikar          b Hrishikesh Kanitkar 34
S Ganguly             not out                                  61
Extras                (lb 5, w 2, nb 1)                         8
TOTAL                 (2 wickets, 44.3 overs)                 206

FoW: 1-43, 2-102.

Bowling                      O      M      R      W
Ranjane                      6      1     26      0
Kulkarni                     5      1     17      0
Inamdar                     10      0     41      1
Sugvekar                     2      0     16      0
Chitale                      5.3    0     33      0
Hrishikesh Kanitkar          7      0     25      1
Jedhe                        9      0     43      0

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