Slater Fails again.

Slater Fails again.

Post by Hayden Hi » Wed, 10 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Michael Slater failed again today, against Sri Lanka who eventually
won by 4 wickets despite Pontings 123 ( I think )

Slater made 2 from 9 balls, and has only had 1 score over
10 in the last 6 innings. He must be very close to being
dropped, but he has the potential to just explode and kill
a team.  Yet, you cant pick a team on potential can you...

Who else could open?.  My choice....Dean Jones. No reason
why, just my Victorian bias, and the fact that he's still the best.
He opened against WA last week, got 70.  No reason why a number 3
cant open.  If not Jones, M.Waugh open and replace Slater with

I'd give the boy one more chance.  It worked with Boony...

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