New Zealand XI, an oldies view.

New Zealand XI, an oldies view.

Post by phys2.. » Sat, 02 Jun 1990 09:07:46

Some more ideas for a New Zealand XI
(courtesy of my Dad as he is older than me).

     1  Glen Turner
     2  John Wright
     3  Graham Dowling
     4  Bert Sutcliffe
     5  Bevan Congdon (vc)
     6  John R Reid (c)
     7  Victor Pollard
     8  Richard Hadlee
     9  Ian Smith
    10  Dick Motz
    11  Gary Bartlett
    12  Mark Burgess

  John R Reid (the 50's one) could bowl off spin or medium-fast.

  Bert Sutcliffe was one of the world's best left handed batsmen.
                 (once again was prominent in the 50's)

  Victor Pollard  Off spinner in the 60's early 70's.

 *** Motz  Medium fast in the 60's.

  Gary Bartlett Genuine quick bowler of the 60's.

  Others that were hard to leave out

      Both Howarths, Geoff and Hedley
      Richard Collinge
      Martin Crowe (How could he be left out? But look at his record)
      Eric Petrie (Wicket keeper)
      Jack Alabaster (Leg spinner)

Hope that gives you something to think about.

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