Watch the World Cup LIVE on a CINEMA screen

Watch the World Cup LIVE on a CINEMA screen

Post by Deep Third M » Thu, 12 Mar 1992 03:34:52

The Trojan Cricket Club (USC's cricket club) has made arrangements
to show the Semi-Finals and Finals of the World Cup live (not tape delayed)!

The cost is $20.00 for three games or $10.00 for each of the Semi-Finals
and $15.00 for the final.

You can watch the games live on a screen the size of a movie/cinema
in a comfortable air-conditioned auditorium.  Refreshments will be
provided free of charge!!!!                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^^ ^^^^

The cost works out to approximately $6.50 per game.  Cheaper than a movie.

If you buy tickets in a block of a dozen or more, you can receive a discount
of upto 25%.  That means that the average cost could drop as low as $5.00
per person per game.

Please leave a message with a Tel# and time to call if nobody is at home
when you call.

There are a few tickets available so hurry up and buy them while you have
the chance.

Remember, that we will be showing the games LIVE!!!!
Not tape-delayed like some cable companies around California...

-------------TCC--------------------------->>>>>>>>>> Representing USA
------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>>> in 1996 World Cup.