Irani Trophy , Ranji Champs (Bombay) v/s Rest of India, Day 2 report

Irani Trophy , Ranji Champs (Bombay) v/s Rest of India, Day 2 report

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        Report courtesy Ajay, Acme on irc. Out of the Times of India this
time, and Pradeep Vijaykar. Just the report for now - the scorecard will
follow in the evening when I have some more time and I get a decent editor

        Sadiq [ tired, sleepy and 3 hours behind schedule ] Yusuf


        Bharucha carries bat
           By Pradeep Vijayakar

        BOMBAY,October 13.
         Zubin Bharucha emulated Sunil
        tGavaskar by carrying his bat in
        the Irani trophy match at the
        ***hede Stadium here today.
        Thanks to his unbeaten 167 span-
        ning almost nine hours, Bombay
        scored 424 and had Rest of India
        struggling at 142 for four at the end
        of the second day's play.

        Bombay were well served by
        young legspinner Sairaj Bahutule
        who captured two wickets and by
        mediumpacer Abey Kuruvilla who
        looked like claiming a wicket every
        time he came to bowl. This was
        creditable considering the slow

        No praise can be high for the
        approach of Bharucha. He belongs
        to the vanishing breed of batsmen
        who can put their heads down for
        hours on end. Yet he seldom
        spared the bad ball, which was the
        distinct trait of the man whom he
        joined in the record books.
        Gavaskar had scored 157 for Rest
        of India against Karnataka at
        Ahmedabad in 1975.

        To his credit, Bharucha kept
        looking for runs till the end taking
        risks and missing out on the record.
        The record was not destined to be
        his as his drive off Sunil Subram-
        naim was deflected off the bowler's
        hand to the stumps, running out
        last man Manish Patel.

        Earlier, offspinner Ashish
        Kapoor had pegged down the Bom
                            bay batting claiming the wickets of
                            Bahutule, Karanjkar and Mham-
                            brey. Bahutule was brilliantly
                            caught in the covers by Ajay Mehra
                            and the other two were caught bat-

                            The focus was on the prolific
                            Punjab openers when Rest began
                            their innings. Both were playing
                            inside the line against the new
                            ball.Rathore was adventurous,
                            playing the hook at first chance,
                            while Ajay Mehra, the son of for-
                            mer Test opener Vijay Mehra,
                            defended gracefully.

                           Mahesh Karanjkar, who got into
                           the side when leftarm spinner San-
                           jay Patil dropped out because of an
                           attack of haemorrhoids, providedc
                           the first breakthrough. The unsung
                           offspinner gave the ball air inspite
                           of being hit over tht top by the tall
                           Rathore. The batsman was caught
                           at midon trying to repeat the shot.

                           Then Bahutule took over. He
                           gave a good display of legspin
                           bowling on a an unhelpful track.
                           He turned one sharply to push
                           Shantanu Sugwekar on the back
                           foot and edge to Manjrekar at slip.
                           He then baited Praveen Amre into
                           hitting into the vacant midwicket
                           region only to get a leading edge
                           and a return catch. This was a
                           significant wicket, for Amre has
                           never failed in the Irani trophy.

                           Skipper Manjrekar had done
                           well to remove Karanjkar as Amre
                           is good against spin. He had
                           brought in Kuruvilla, who today
                           bowled better than he has done for
                           some time. The bowler who created
                           a sensation in 1991 with nearly 60
                           wickets, had  only 13 last season.
                           Today  he   bowled straight and fast,
                           putting  his  five kilo heavier frame
                           into his action.

                           He almost had Amre legbefore.
                           A  lovely   slower delivery which cut
                           from    the    leg bowled the well-set
                            Ajay  Mehra   neck and crop. New
                           man  Rahul  Dravid had some tes-
                           ting    deliveries before the close but
                           saw  the  day  out with 'keeper Vijay
                           Yadav   who    was given a torrid time
                           by Bahutule.


        (BTW, Siddiqui had 4/106 off 30 overs. Kapoor 4/121 off 37.
Kuruvilla has 1/42 off 13. Bahutule had 2/38 off 16 :-)