>Hick in Aust.

>Hick in Aust.

Post by John Bro » Sat, 11 May 1991 11:34:40


> Graham Hicks played for Queensland last season. How did he do? I wonder if
> he lived upto the expectations?
> I hope some of our friendly readers in Australia will be able to fill us in.

Can't recall actual stats. but from the 10 Sheffield Shield games
he scored about 700 (??) runs. His average was in the mid-40's.

At the start, he struggled. He looked at sea, and of course the
vultures were lapping it up. But, as expected, he needed time to get
used to our conditions. He scored about 4 centuries in 5 games near
the end, and justified his selection. (Don't know if he was value
for money - I don't know how much he got paid!)

He has a great style and presence. He and Stuart Law (future Aus. star)
combined for some superb partnerships. Unfortunately, they were about
the only players in the Qld. side that could hold a ***y bat!

Hick also was well received by his team mates, as a no-fuss, easy-going
character. He caused no frictions or tension, from all reports. (Unlike
a certain high-profile recent Qld. import from England :-{ )

My views on imports are mixed, but I liked Hick. However, he never had
it easy, and his struggling start was perhaps a further reflection on
the sorry standard of County Cricket. (I hear Tom Moody has resumed
his bowler ***ing - he had a poor season last summer here.). Hick
is a player of true class. Soon the pommy team will have one local
player - A.Fraser.

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