Brave but always correct again...

Brave but always correct again...

Post by Rio* » Sat, 29 Dec 2001 20:23:54

<Forwarded to as he's too scared to come in here>

> Some brave but always accurate gems from mid-year:

> "The problem is who will open. Who will be promoted to open.
> Langer isn't a opener."

> "They'll go for one opener who is a right hander and one who is a left
> hander."

> "Pity Elliot isn't in the squad as he'd be the perfect opener
> to replace Hayden."

> "They'll try to avoid to right handers
> or two left hander openers."

> Yep you're right on the money once again Arses.  Langer and Hayden - two
> left handers - have really struggled since coming together earlier this
> year.

> Cheers
> LT.