200-run p'ship on Test debut

200-run p'ship on Test debut

Post by Aslam Siddiqu » Tue, 16 Feb 2010 23:41:23

Here is a list of players who participated in a double-century
partnership the first time they batted in a Test match; the debutant
and his score (and his side) is listed first.

 P   Wkt
276  1st  JE Mills (117)       NZ  v Eng  Wellington    1929-30  D
          CS Dempster

219  5th  BH Pairaudeau (115)  WI  v Ind  Port-of-Spain 1952-53  D
          EdeC Weekes

219  1st  IR Redpath (97)      Aus v SAf  Melbourne     1963-64  W
          WM Lawry

249  1st  K Ibadullah (166)    Pak v Aus  Karachi       1964-65  D
          Abdul Kadir (97)
(both players were making their Test debut)

219  6th  GS Chappell (108)    Aus v Eng  Perth         1970-71  D
          IR Redpath

269  2nd  LG Rowe (214)        WI  v NZ   Kingston      1971-72  D
          RC Fredericks

204  2nd  S Amarnath (124)     Ind v NZ   Auckland      1975-76  W
          SM Gavaskar

281  5th  Javed Miandad (163)  Pak v NZ   Lahore        1976-77  W
          Asif Iqbal

259  2nd  WB Phillips (159)    Aus v Pak  Perth         1983-84  W
          GN Yallop

214  5th  M Azharuddin (110)   Ind v Eng  Calcutta      1984-85  D
          RJ Shastri

220  5th  V Sehwag (105)       Ind v SAf  Bloemfontein  2001-02
          SR Tendulkar

429* 3rd  JA Rudolph (222*)    SAf v BD   Chittagong    2002-03  W
          HH Dippenaar

209  2nd  AN Petersen (100)    SAf v Ind  Calcutta      2009-10
          HM Amla

The following players achieved this feat in the second innings of
their debut Tests.

243  8th  RJ Hartigan (116)    Aus v Eng  Adelaide      1907-08  W
          C Hill

207  4th  CG Greenidge (107)   WI  v Ind  Bangalore     1974-75  W
          CH Lloyd

200  2nd  Fawad Alam (168)     Pak v SL   Colombo(PSS)  2009     L
          Younis Khan