Fastest Ball Ever - Micheal Holding (?)

Fastest Ball Ever - Micheal Holding (?)

Post by sl.. » Fri, 24 Dec 1993 23:20:04


I remember that a ball bowled by Micheal Holding to Geoff Boycott is
considered to be the fastest ball *ever* bowled in the history of cricket.
I think it was at Sabina Park and year is 197(?).  

Is thi s   true ???
Any details about it, some of the gurus might be remmembering cleary ?

  I also remember that BOYCOTT was clean BOWLED by that ball and went
back and watched the video recording many times and said
"It was not my mistake, the ball was just *TOO FAST*".

  Please Confirm, add details, correct mistakes, give statistics

  What have you? o r

Saleem    r