South African win in perspective

South African win in perspective

Post by Joe Jacks » Sat, 14 Jan 1995 08:30:20

My mother is from South Africa, and now she lives in Canada, and was
the last cut for our national team, it's too bad i think she would have
helped the team for they are pretty sad as they are now.

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South African win in perspective

Post by Bruce Gruenbau » Fri, 13 Jan 1995 19:41:44

As a South African, I was very disappointed to note some really
unnecessary comments bragging about a win, and talking about a
prospective win. Really, people. The win speaks for itself. I don't
believe that there is any need to brag. Remember: we only scored
215 runs, and *collapsed* from 193/4 to 215 all out, without even
finishing our 50 allotted overs. That was really not that good.

Yes, I agree, our fielding was something else. SA has the reputation
for being one (if not *the*) best fielding nation in the world, and
we won with far less bad decisions going our way than is usual, but
remember again, we have met Pakistan 10 times, and we have only won
three of those encounters.

Interestingly enough, it has always been the first match in a group
that we have won, and I'll venture to say that it was because of our
own arrogance that we lost the others.

I think it is very poor sportsmanship, not to mention bad etiquette,
to start throwing around good luck messages and the like on the Net.

We won the that match. Today is another story. We need to forget the
fact that there could be another match on Saturday, and play tonight's
game like it is the only match in the series.

Waqar was a lot less successful on Tuesday than I think he'll be
today, and the same goes for Wasim Akram. Hopefully Alan Donald will
be included in the team today to reply to that attack. If Salim Malik
wins the toss today, which seems likely because Hansie Cronje hasn't
figured out how to win one yet, I don't think that Malik will send
us in to bat again. We are much better at setting a target than chasing
one, and I think that Malik learned that on Tuesday.

Let's not count our chickens before they hatch. There's a *long* 10
overs of Waqar Younis bowling, and another *long* 10 overs of Wasim
Akram bowling to get through. If SA don't learn to play Waqar properly
in the last 10 overs, they don't stand a snowball's hope in hell.