Imran says BAN not hang

Imran says BAN not hang

Post by Ram Krishn » Sun, 12 Mar 1995 16:05:18

                         The Reuter Library Report
                              March 10, 1995                      

HEADLINE:  Cricket -Imran says cheats should be banned not hanged

   Imran Khan strongly denied on Friday a newspaper report that he
had called for Pakistan cricketers to be hanged if they were found
guilty of offering bribes.                                        

   The Sydney Morning Herald said former Pakistan captain Imran
told his country's  cricket  authorities in Lahore on Wednesday
that they must take bold action against players found guilty of
attempted ***.                      

   ''This is complete nonsense. I strongly deny that I ever called
for their execution, which obviously is not the right punishment,''
Imran, who is on a visit to the United Arab Emirates, told Reuters.

   ''This is not misquotation, it is total fabrication and please
say this. I certainly did not speak to any Australian newspapers
recently and not on this issue.                                  

   ''They should be banned not executed,'' he added.              

   His remarks followed the sacking of Pakistan captain Salim
Malik, who has been accused of offering bribes to two Australian
players to throw a test, and given a week to explain his conduct.

   ''If anyone is guilty he should be kicked out of the team,'' the
newspaper quoted Imran as saying. ''The culprits should be sent to
jail and should be given due punishment because whosoever disgraces
the country has no right to represent it at international level.''

   It further quoted Imran as saying ''They should be hanged for
disgracing the country.''                                        

   Malik has denied allegations he offered $50,000 each to
Australian spinners Shane Warne and Tim May to lose the first test
in Karachi last September.      

   Imran is in Dubai to raise funds for a cancer hospital of which
he is patron.