Aus/WI D1 Stumps score

Aus/WI D1 Stumps score

Post by K. Sankara R » Mon, 29 Apr 1991 07:26:07

    I do not have complete score card. Unfortunately we get the raw feed from
the ground without any graphics and the commentators do not give may figures,
like bowling figures etc at the end.

     After lunch, Australians opened up and they have REALLY played very well.
Border and Taylor hooke, pulled and drove and at one stage they were scoring at
the rate of about six runs per over. The scoring did slow down a bit after
Hoope came to bowl and at last Hoope got Taylor and Border out. As Benaud said,
Taylor was either out twice, (the ball hitting the glove and the bat) or not at
all. May be the viewers from down under who might have seen frreze frame replay
can comment on this more. Taylor was out at 129 for 59, caught behind off
Hooper. The partnership was worth 116 runs. Jnes joined Border and he has shown
his mastery with the bat. Border was also out to Hooper caught behind for 59 at
156. Mark Waugh then joined Jones and we have witnessed real mastery of
batting. He reached his 102 in 114 balls ( 3 sixes and 10 fours) and is the
first Australian to score a century in Tests at Antingua. Jones was out lbw to
Marshall for 81 at 342. When the play ended three (or four) overs before the
required 90 (but an hour and ten minutes after the scheduled end) Aussies were
355 for 5, Waugh at 117 and Healy 1. There were 32 extras.

      In this innings, Jones had a milestone, his 3000 runs in his 74 th

       I have seen an excellent exhibition of batting from Australian today and
am wondering why they did so badly (I am not talking of wiining or losing) in
the last four tests. Is it because they are less uptight, since the series is
already decided or is it because the even bounce from the pitch.

       One of the most overused word in the commentary by every commentator wsa

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Aus/WI D1 Stumps score

Post by Robert E » Sun, 05 May 1991 11:24:27

>He [M Waugh] reached his 102 in 114 balls ( 3 sixes and 10 fours) and is the
>first Australian to score a century in Tests at Antingua.

This isn't as earth shattering as it appears, I think this was only
the second test Aust have played at Antigua (certainly not more
than 3rd).  Border had 98 in the (a) pervious match.