Mark Ramprakash

Mark Ramprakash

Post by Rohan Chandr » Wed, 08 Feb 1995 16:52:01

I should warn everyone before they venture any further into this
posting that it is likely to be very jingoistic and rather exuberant.
What the hell. I'm a huge fan of Ramprakash and I'm just
soooooooooooooooooooooooo glad to see him back in his rightful place,
and hopefully there for the next ten years without any rude,
unwarranted interruptions.


Here's a man who made his debut in the 1991 England vs West Indies
series. His performances compared with some others in that series:

Ramps   Hick    Lamb    Atherton
27      6       11      2      
27      6       0       6      
24      0       1       5      
13      43      13      32      
21      0       29      4      
29      19      9       16      
25      1       25      1      
25      -       -       0      
19      -       -       13      

I was fortunate enough to be in England during this entire series,
incidentally. Coudn't help but admire Ramps throughout. And in fact,
the point is not that he did better than any of those listed in terms
of runs scored. The point is to note the way he scored those runs.
Class, grit and skill. He showed an ability greater than others, and
he showed tremendous potential. And we can ignore his duck against Sri
Lanka in the following game. If I recall correctly, Atherton did not
make it to New Zealand for the winter tour, but Hick and Lamb did. And
on what grounds did they earn a place while Ramps did not? For
heaven's sake, Dermot Reeve played (and hardly bowled) in NZ. Where on
earth was Ramprakash? What were those stupid selectors thinking? Hell,
his fielding merits him a place in the England side on its own - note
the stupendous catch he took on day 4 of the 5thTest just concluded

The home series against Pakistan I will conveniently ignore in this
posting. Even I will admit Ramps did not do his cause a lot of good in
that series. But don't tell me many other did. And I won't start on
Gower here, cos we all know he should still be playing for England :-)
So he didn't initially live up to his promise perhaps. England lost
out in the middle period by not persisting with him though. Certainly
it was absolutely criminal to take Gatting to Australia and send
Ramprakash to India (although it seems to have done him a world of

Anyway, the point is, he's baaaaaaaaaaack!!!!! And I'm pleased as
punch about it. He should be part of the English backbone for the next
ten years. Without doubt, in my humble unbiased opinion. He's too good
a bat not to be. I just hope the selectors give him the chances they
have given to Graeme Hick (who is slowly coming into his own and
showing his class) and more recently Mike Gatting and Graham Gooch :-)

I don't even know why I'm writing this or what, if any, point I'm
making, but I feel obliged to say something about Ramps. He deserves

And I tell you what, a line-up along the lines of: Atherton, Stewart,
Hick, Thorpe, Ramprakash, Crawley.. doesn't look too bad at all
(although I'd like Stewart in the middle order).

Oh well, 'nuff said, especially as it was all pretty pointless anyway.
Oh, I might add, that not only is Mark Ramprakash a classy batsman,
but he is a very classy person as well... All the more reason to like

And of course, one hasn't considered that he just came from playing in
India, to aplying at Perth. Couldn't be a greater contrast really.

What a batsman. What a cricketer. GO RAMPRAKASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!