Brian Lara - A decent Batsman etc.

Brian Lara - A decent Batsman etc.

Post by Alexis Nathaniel Hobs » Wed, 01 Nov 1995 04:00:00

>> You must give it to the English press for the over-hype over Lara.
>> You must either be playing for England, in England or against England
>> (a good excuse for a loss) to receive that kind of hype.

>> Kalyan

>I do not understand this argument. All of the current so called top
>batsmen including SRT, have faced attacks similar to the attacks that lara
>has faced and none has managed to come close to his achievment:two world
>records. It is not a matter of hype, but simple ability. Watch him at
>Sharjah against Waqar a few years ago, or against Australia. Part of the
>reason, his scores are so dense against England is the mere fact that he
>has played england much more than the other nations. Be wary when
>analysing statistics!.


Agreed. It is absurd to see that even at this late stage people are
finding it convenient to discredit B C Lara's unparalleled batting ability.
All the statistics show is that Lara is much better than his comtemporaries.
As I have mentioned before, I doubt that these bowlers were paid to bowl
`runs' to him.

While England bowlers can't be considered the best in the world, none of
the other teams has a bowling attack that can be considered formidable.
Oh well, Australia, but Lara made a classic 277 against them two years
ago. I doubt whether there are many cases where bowlers were treated with
such batting delight. Was that also a fluke? What about Pakistan? when
they toured WI a few years ago they were not any threat. Gone are the
days when they were formidable bowling attacks and distinct classes of

In fact, even if he were to retire, he would have accomplished more that
what every great batsman has hoped for or dreamed of...In short, while I
hope somebody will soon rival his ***, B C Lara is easily the best
batsman in his time.

The Emperor!