PCB's Adhocism Finally Seriously Challenged

PCB's Adhocism Finally Seriously Challenged

Post by arahi » Sun, 17 Feb 2008 05:44:50

Only a few days ago we were talking about players giving up national
teams for leagues. PCB seems to be hastening the process. Shoaib after
spurning the retainer is now out of the pentangular which was supposed
to show his fitness. He has laughed in the face of the PCB when called
to appear in front of a disciplinary committee for his criticism of
the contract awarding process. He is also actively wooing the IPL.


The Australian players by forcing CA to quit the tour have also done
something similar under the guise of security concerns. The security
concerns may be genuine but I thought it was the CA that was to
determine them after the visit of the assessing team and not the
players themselves. Each player ofcourse is free to choose where he
wants to play or not (as per contracts) but CA is not free to not send
a team to Pakistan on the basis that certain players will not show up.
It is bound to send a team except if the government interferes or it
(and not the players) determine that their are security concerns.
Looks like it will go through the motions of sending the security team
to avoid penalties but it is more than clear that the decision to not
tour has been taken. PCB should ask for fines based on this.

Kaneria has also criticised the contracts and Afridi too cannot be
very happy with his contract. Also he cannot be happy with his current
exclusion from the test team. He has in more than one interview said
that he was dissapointed when he was not appointed captain (after
Younis had given it up) since he had experience of it at fc level and
Shoaib was much newer to the task but that it was PCB's peroragitve to
do so and that he will support him. PCB has already lost players
(Saqlain, Mushtaq, Azhar) that are still capable of international
cricket, but opted for more stable environments, to county cricket.
They have also lost some to the ICL (Taufeeq, Razzaq etc.).

Reform was overdue for a long time now it is necessary for survival.


PCB's Adhocism Finally Seriously Challenged

Post by Ali » Sun, 17 Feb 2008 12:53:49

I read PCB is now considering to double the salary for each player.
ICL has done one good thing and that is force boards to pay more money
to their players. And it is happening in every country.

And as far as these players who joined ICL/IPL are concerned, they
were not part of the team anymore. Actually they were dropped from the
team long time ago except a few. And they knew their career with
Pakistan team was over.

I agree adhocism has done a lot of damage to Pakistan cricket and
should be abolished. I'm still waiting for that new constitution that
Mr. Ashraf keeps promising every year.