Impressions on the Ind Vs Ind A Vs Ind B

Impressions on the Ind Vs Ind A Vs Ind B

Post by Gautham » Wed, 22 Mar 1995 16:36:31

  Ok the mandatory "my impressions"...

. Tendulkar  should  be  banned from playing domestic cricket (atleast
  that  would  give  equal  chances  to  other  Ranji teams too - IMO,
  Tendulkar is the only difference:o)

. Tendulkar  said  Paras  Mhambrey  to be in the threshold of breaking
  into  bigtime  earlier. He really did lot of damage to that claim by
  smashing  Paras  for  43 runs in first 4 overs (Btw, does Paras wear
  glasses ?)

. Venkatesh  Prasad  bowled well considering the mood Tendu was in (he
  had  conceded 39 runs in first 8 overs) and had Tendulkar dropped by
  Manjrekar (a tough chance to his left) and Prabhakar snicking...

. Paras  bowled  a  bouncer at Kambli and had kambli in panic. The fun
  was  the  ball did not come up to waist lever and had Kambli ducking
  and  weaving.  (On  the  cue, against, Ind B, Ajay sharma brought in
  Atul  Wassan  when Kambli came in). Kambli was definitely rattled by
  Paras's  bouncer  and  looked to bad-mouth Paras who just turned and

. Kambli  was  suspect  against  any  bouncer. He hooked Robin Singh's
  bouncer  straight  to Mazumdar who dropped it (an easy chance). Amol
  would  not  have endeared himself with Azhar (who was sitting in the
  sidelines with a book) with that dropped catch.

. Ok,  now  the  contentious  issue. More and more I see of Dravid, he
  seems  to  be  a better batsman. Has style and class and good on the
  off. He seems to be technically better too. Its sad that he got in a
  mix-up  with Amol and got run out (Amol's call and I think the blame
  is  on  both  the  bat, since they operated in start-stop mode !!!).
  Could not see much of Amol anyways.

. Srinath  was  deadly  in  the match against Ind B. Worked up quite a
  pace  and  bounce  and could *sustain* throughout the first spell of
  5-6 overs. (Pls note the word "sustain"). Bhup Singh (jr) was really
  stupid  to  try and hook (pull) the ball that was almost good length
  and  rising.  Did  he think Srinath was Prabhakar ? (pace-wise). Got
  hit on the nose and might miss the Ranji finals (looked more serious
  after the hit)

. Ankola  was  a revelation...for just the first two overs...He strove
  so much for pace and venom in the first two overs that after that he
  was  not much of a danger and Tendu had the measure of him. One over
  from  him  was  good.  He bowled tendu of a no-ball (sadly) but Ravi
  Shastri mercilessly said that did not count since he over-stepped !!
  But  the  problem  is Ankola could not *sustain* the pace and he was
  dripping with sweat and tapered off.

. Ankola  might be pissed off due to the fact that he was given out ct
  behind  of  Tendu  (after he hoisted Tendu for a six). He definitely
  seem  to  think  that it was a Mongia-Tendu act that got him out and
  seems to have told Tendu on the way back...Maybe this fired him off.

. Nilesh Kulkarni - Hmmm...nothing much to say. I would say there were
  two  better  left  arm  bowlers  in  the  tournament  so far - Utpal
  Chatterjee and Raju (in that order).

. Indian  (sr)  fielding  was  consistently good that threw themselves
  down at anything.

. This  is  no  bias  - of the young bats who scored - Vikram Rathore,
  Dravid and Saurav Ganguly, definitely Dravid was impressive than the
  two. Rathore seemed to be a good fielder at covers too. Dravid seems
  to be a safe outfielder - He got the Kambli skier (off Utpal).

  Currently my 14 would be:

  Tendu,  Prabhakar,  Sidhu,  Azhar,  Kambli,  Jadeja, Aashish Kapoor,
  Mongia, Kumble, Srinath, Ankola, Venkatesh Prasad, Utpal and Raju.

  Or they might drop Raju for another batsman (manjrekar or dravid).
  Kambli will go to Sharjah on reputation (IMO).
  Jadeja has done nothing wrong to be dropped.
  Ankola definitely bowled better than Vaidya to get in.
  Venkatesh Prasad has done nothing wrong to be dropped.

  Today's match between A and B will decide these borderline cases.

--- Additions after A Vs B match -----------------

. Sanjay  Manjrekar  played  a  great innings (I saw the second 50). I
  thought  he  paced it well, though he was intrumental in running out
  Bahutule.  He  hooked Ankola for a six and also seemed to confident.
  Was not wearing helmet. Manj now a certainity for Sharjah.

. Ankola did a lot of damage to his prospects (after a very good first
  match),  by  bowling number of no-balls and wides during the crucial
  period  -  when the run-rate required was run-a-ball and Ind A had 5
  wkts  on  hand.  He  had  to  bowl  with  a  shorter  run-up and was
  immediately removed from the attack.

. Dighe  dropped  a  fairly  simple catch reprieving Utpal off Ankola.
  Would  have  made  a  diff since Utpal had just come in. Later Utpal
  scored 11 runs to ease the pressure off. If Utpal had gone then, the
  pressure would have been on the Ind A team.

. Seems  Chatterjee bowled very ordinarily in this match. But he seems
  to  have  some  slogging  capabilities  which might get him selected
  ahead of Raju for Sharjah

. Venkatesh  Prasad  (as  reported) bowled well. 10 overs for 42 runs,
  whereas Mhambrey 9 overs for 43 runs.

. Gavaskar's  comment at the end of the match was that, "it looks like
  the  teams  are evenly matched. The Ind Sr is vastly superior due to
  the  presence  of  Tendulkar. Take away Tendulkar, all the teams are
  equally competent"


- gautham -