proposal: and flame contest

proposal: and flame contest

Post by Shrie » Thu, 06 Oct 1994 08:22:34

Hi all,

I realise I'm doing exactly the thing I'm writing against i.e. wasting
bandwidth, but hey, to set a lot right, do a little wrong. So, if all
you netters out there are despairing over the abysmally low
Signal-to-Noise ratio on this group, here's a proposal to cut out a
large chunk of it:

How about

Not only that, why not have a flame competition? In this corner, the
undisputed champions of flamage and defenders of the Indian cricketing
way, the flamboyant flambeing foursome: Bharat, Purvesh and the

In the other corner: In the other corner, the trash-talking, terrible
threesome: Salman, ZU and Tippu, the challengers, the would-be
usurpers, the Pride of the Pakistani cricketing establishment!!

So here's the deal: we create this newsgroup and then organize a
series of Flame Wars and Flame Skirmishes. The Wars will be played
over 5 days (with a rest day, maybe) with each team allowed
alternatively field and hurl insults over two innings. I guess we
should have a Match Referee. Is***ie Bird on the net? And of course,
the Skirmishes will be the ODIs so to speak, with each team getting
three hours in which to roast the other. Whoseever machine survives
incineration or if their accounts remain uncancelled will be adjudged
the winner and will be presented with a hand-crafted, custom tailored
set of asbestos underwear from the Victoria's Secret catalogue. Oh, if
somebody rains on them, then we'll bring in the Singer Cup
organizational committee to adjudicate. I wonder if Exxon will sponsor
and be the Official Fuel.

In case there is no clear winner, then we'll haul all of them into LA
and temporarily hold up the OJ trial. I'm sure Ito won't mind taking
time off on such a weighty matter. Of course, being Indian, I'd want
my countrymen (wish I could disown them) to have Shapiro represent them.

So that's it. Any other suggestions or comments? Please send all flames
| /dev/null to ensure they get to me.

ObCricket: Congratulations to Pakistan on a fine, gutsy win. Good show Inzy!!
Hope the WI-Ind tour starts up.

Srikar "Shrieks" Srinath

"Free your mind and your ass will follow" - George Clinton

P.S. IF you want to know my opinion, the Indian batting is certainly
stronger than Pakistan's, but we're light years behind in bowling and
certainly not as good on the whole.