More on Rest of World vs Australia, 1971

More on Rest of World vs Australia, 1971

Post by Raghavan Sure » Sun, 07 Jun 1992 04:28:59

         Since this series was held more than 20 years ago, which happened to
be my debut year as a cricket fan, I am giving information, whatever I can
recall about this series. Other netters who remember more or have more facts
about this series are welcome to supplement/contradict statements in this

    * Series was held after India's successful trips of W.Indies and England (In      dia won both the series 1-0 under Ajit Wadekar's captaincy)

    * Gavaskar was selected because of his stupendous showing in his debut serie      s vs W.Indies (774 runs).

    * Sobers was the captain of the rest of the world and Inthikab Alam of Pakis      tan was the Vice Captain. Some of the other players I remember for sure
      playing for the rest of world were the Pollock brothers (Graeme and Peter)      Ackerman of the Springboks, Gavaskar, Engineer (surprising he was consider      ed ahead of Alan Knott) and Bedi of India and Kanhai of the WI.

   * I think Rest managed to win the 5 match series 2-1.

   * Sobers had a superb captain's knock of 247 in the 3rd or 4th match of the
     series coming in when the chips were really down for the rest.

   * Australia was captained by Ian Chappel and he and his brother Greg had a go     od series with the bat.

   * The statistics compiled by the players were not included as part of their
     career averages.  

   * The Aussie team should have included most players who toured India in 1969
     to name a few Keith Stackpole, Ian Redpath, Paul Sheahan, Doug Walters,
     Ashley Mallet, John Gleeson along with the Chappels (Greg never toured
     India) and Graham Mckenzie. I think it was the early years of Dennis "The M     enace" Lillee and Rod Marsh was not even on the horizon. Brain Taber must
     have kept wickets for the Aussies.