Flight of fortunes( Sidhu)

Flight of fortunes( Sidhu)

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>Excerpts from

>Sidhu has played cricket at the highest level for 16 years and
>is a scale three officer with the
>State Bank of Patiala. His father, the late Bhagwant Singh
>Sidhu, was a lawyer and Congress
>politician who became the advocate-general of Punjab during the
>chief ministership of Darbara
>Singh, and his wife is a doctor employed in a government
>hospital. Taking into account all
>these factors, people still feel the parts of his income are not
>adding up to his full wealth.

They have a complete statement of his income and investments?


>They have their reasons. In the past decade or more, Sidhu has
>bought and sold numerous
>cars, all of them s***y models.

hoorah. Warne owns 2 Ferrarris iirc.
I think Shane Lee has a BMW.

>He now owns a state of the art,
>shimmering white imported
>Land Cruiser, of which he is as protective as he is of his two
>children, son Karan and daughter
>Rabia. When the Land Cruiser made its first appearance in town
>in 1996,

Somehow I'm not convinced that a 1996 landcruiser qualifies as state
of the art.
Checking at www.redbook.com.au here in Australia a 1996 Landcruiser
had a new price of around A$50000, at the time I think that was about
US$33000. Note there were multiple models of landcruiser so this value
could be slightly high or low.

Is that a massive amount of money for someone who's a 'scale three
officer" with a bank, who's father was a lawyer then advocate-general
and whose wife is a doctor in India?

> Sidhu even said that
>the car was worth Rs 45 lakh and it had been gifted to him!

no idea about the money, who gifted it to him?
A sponser he'd had a long contract with, his wife, his father?

>Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh
>Khan was so besotted with the looks and sophisticated gadgetry
>of the car that he apparently
>rang up Sidhu and asked him to quote any price for it. But Sidhu
>reportedly told the actor that
>the car was a gift and was not for sale.