King Curt

King Curt

Post by Glen Camarlingh » Wed, 04 Mar 1998 04:00:00

    Rod Marsh said of the 86-87 England touring side, "If they were horses,
they'd be dope tested" in reference to their hopeless tour form which
somehow netted all three trophies.  Perhaps the stewards should be asking
Curtley Ambrose for a sample, as well.

    This aside, what a magnificent bowler.  One just wonders if this is the
beginning of a Hadlee-like resurgence which will see him still leading the
attack when he is 38.  And I thought the Australians wouldn't have to worry
about him in a year's time.  Is he even averaging double figures in this

    Although it took about four years to convince me he was an all-time
great, I feel privileged I have been able to follow his career from the

Glen Camarlinghi

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