England tour of WI - conclusion

England tour of WI - conclusion

Post by seve.. » Fri, 10 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Well it all over for another 4 years or so, and the scores
suggest that nothing has changed for either team. And yet
if the tour had ended after the 5th test, i think most of
us would have counted the windies lucky to escape 2-1
ahead. But England do tend to fall apart at the end of
every major tour. Probably they should adopt the same
planning as the other weaker teams, and only do 3-test
series. That won't happen, becos, even though England
are not at the top any more, it seems that they are
still marketable enough for long series.

At the beginning
the windians were fearing the worst, and much criticism was
being launched at Lara even before he had captained them in
a match! And he has been continuosuly criticised by former
players (eg Holding's outburst against the selection of
Ramnarine at Bourda) and commentators (eg Cozier), yet
I think he has proved that he is more imaginative and
daring than his recent predecessors. Also the board
must be congratulated for their selection policy.
I for one would not have chosen Lambert: yet he has
been an amazing success. Ramnarine has shown himself
to be not only a very good spinner but also an
excellent fielder. Who would have believed that windies
spinners would take more wickets that the english
ones in the series? Nobody, at the beginning of the tour
if they're honest. I think this is the positive area
for the windies. lacking obvious successors to Ambrose
and Walsh, they chose the best young spinners, and
have been well rewarded. Judging by the inability of
the english to play spin of any kind, he should have played

However the long term still looks difficult. I don't think
either Ambrose or Walsh will be so effective against
more technically able batsmen, and they cant go on for
ever. Moreover Lambert and Wallace can get away with
they wham-bang style against england, but not i think
aganst better bowling attacks. its good that the
spinners are back again, but the recall of Arthurton and
Murray were not promising signs.


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