Answers to a REALLY easy Test Trivia Test

Answers to a REALLY easy Test Trivia Test

Post by Charles Le » Sat, 17 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Answers to a REALLY easy Test Trivia Test;

1) Who has the record for the longest individual innings, and
what was his score?

A. Hanif Mohammad took 999 minutes to score 337 out of Pakistan's
626 for 6 against the WI at Bridgetown, Barbados in January 1958

2) Who is the only batsman to have made MORE than half his
team's aggregate score in an entire test match?

A. Jimmy Sinclair of South Africa scored 106 and 4 (110) out of
the team's aggregate of 212 (177 and 35) or 51% in the test vs
England in April 1899.

3) Who has scored the highest proportion of his team's total
in a completed innings of a test?

A. Charles Bannerman - in the very first test, Aus vs England in
1877 - scored 165 of his team's total of 245 in the 1st innings -

Lewis Jones got Ques. 1 right, Christian Kelly got Ques. 3 right, and
(here's a surprise :-) ) Aslam got all three right!


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