English County Championship for 1996

English County Championship for 1996

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Here is a copy of the complete list of English County Championship
Fixtures for 1996.

I have compiled in from the Press Association (UK) cricket pages so
hopefully there shouldn't be any mistakes.  

William Turrell


English Domestic Season 1996

Full list of All County Championship Fixtures

May 2    Derby                   Derbyshire v Leicestershire
           (Riverside)           Durham v Northamptonshire
         Cardiff                 Glamorgan v Yorkshire
         Canterbury              Kent v Lancashire
         Lord's                  Middlesex v Gloucestershire
         Trent Bridge            Nottinghamshire v Sussex
         Taunton                 Somerset v Surrey
         Worcester               Worcestershire v Essex

May 9:   Southampton             Hampshire v Essex
         Old Trafford            Lancashire v Leicestershire
         Lord's                  Middlesex v Durham
         Northampton             Northamptonshire v Glamorgan
         Taunton                 Somerset v Nottinghamshire
         The Foster's Oval       Surrey v Kent
         Hove                    Sussex v Warwickshire
         Sheffield               Yorkshire v Derbyshire

May 16:  Chester-le-Street
           (Riverside)           Durham v Yorkshire
         Ilford                  Essex v Kent
         Cardiff                 Glamorgan v Derbyshire
         Bristol                 Gloucestershire v Somerset
         Leicester               Leicestershire v Worcestershire
         Trent Bridge            Nottinghamshire v Lancashire
         Edgbaston               Warwickshire v Hampshire

May 22:  Horsham                 Sussex v Middlesex

May 23:  Derby                   Derbyshire v Essex
         Abergavenny             Glamorgan v Worcestershire
         Gloucester              Gloucestershire v Surrey
         Portsmouth              Hampshire v Durham
         Canterbury              Kent v Yorkshire
         Taunton                 Somerset v Northamptonshire
         Edgbaston               Warwickshire v Leicestershire

May 30:  Tunbridge Wells         Kent v Sussex
         Old Trafford            Lancashire v Gloucestershire
         Lord's                  Middlesex v Yorkshire
         Northampton             Northamptonshire v Warwickshire
         Trent Bridge            Nottinghamshire v Durham
         The Foster's Oval       Surrey v Derbyshire
         Worcester               Worcestershire v Hampshire

June 5:  Leicester               Leicestershire v Kent

June 6:  Chelmsford              Essex v Lancashire
         Southampton             Hampshire v Derbyshire
         Lord's                  Middlesex v Glamorgan
         Trent Bridge            Nottinghamshire v Northamptonshire
         Taunton                 Somerset v Warwickshire
         Hove                    Sussex v Durham
         Middlesbrough           Yorkshire v Surrey

June 13: Chester-le-Street
          (Riverside)            Durham v Lancashire
         Chelmsford              Essex v Northamptonshire
         Swansea                 Glamorgan v Somerset
         Bristol                 Gloucestershire v Sussex
         Canterbury              Kent v Middlesex
         The Foster's Oval       Surrey v Leicestershire
         Worcester               Worcestershire v Nottinghamshire
         Headingley              Yorkshire v Warwickshire

June 19: Basingstoke             Hampshire v Northamptonshire
         Bath                    Somerset v Worcestershire

June 20: Derby                   Derbyshire v Middlesex
         Stockton                Durham v Surrey
         Trent Bridge            Gloucestershire
         Hove                    Sussex v Glamorgan
         Edgbaston               Warwickshire v Kent
         Bradford                Yorkshire v Leicestershire

June 27: Chester-le-Street
            (Riverside)          Durham v Gloucestershire
         Southend                Essex v Surrey
         Old Trafford            Lancashire v Somerset
         Lord's                  Middlesex v Warwickshire
         Northampton             Northamptonshire v Derbyshire
         Worcester               Worcestershire v Yorkshire

July 3:  Arundel                 Sussex v Hampshire

July 4:  Bristol                 Gloucestershire v Glamorgan
         Maidstone               Kent v Durham
         Old Trafford            Lancashire v Worcestershire
         Leicester               Leicestershire v Essex
         The Foster's Oval       Surrey v Middlesex
         Edgbaston               Warwickshire v Nottinghamshire

July 17: Guildford               Surrey v Sussex

July 18: Chelmsford              Essex v Nottinghamshire
         Cheltenham              Gloucestershire v Leicestershire
         Old Trafford            Lancashire v Derbyshire
         Northampton             Northamptonshire v Middlesex
         Worcester               Worcestershire v Durham
         Harrogate               Yorkshire v Hampshire

July 24: Kidderminster           Worcestershire v Northamptonshire

July 25: Derby                   Derbyshire v Kent
         Hartlepool              Durham v Essex
         Cardiff                 Glamorgan v Lancashire
         Cheltenham              Gloucestershire v Warwickshire
         Southampton             Hampshire v Surrey
         Leicester               Leicestershire v Sussex
         Scarborough             Yorkshire v Somerset

August 1:   Derby                Derbyshire v Gloucestershire
            Canterbury           Kent v Worcestershire
            Leicester            Leicestershire v Northamptonshire
            Lord's               Middlesex v Essex
            Worksop              Nottinghamshire v Glamorgan
            Taunton              Somerset v Hampshire
            Eastbourne           Sussex v Yorkshire

August 7:   Southport            Lancashire v Surrey

August 8:   Swansea              Glamorgan v Leicestershire
            Southampton          Hampshire v Gloucestershire
            Northampton          Northamptonshire v Kent
            Trent Bridge         Nottinghamshire v Middlesex
            Taunton              Somerset v Essex
            Hove                 Sussex v Derbyshire
            Edgbaston            Warwickshire v Durham

August 15:  Derby                Derbyshire v Nottinghamshire
            Bristol              Gloucestershire v Yorkshire
            Canterbury           Kent v Somerset
            Old Trafford         Lancashire v Hampshire
            Lord's               Middlesex v Worcestershire
            Edgbaston            Warwickshire v Glamorgan

Sept 3:     Southampton          Hampshire v Glamorgan
            Old Trafford         Lancashire v Middlesex
            Trent Bridge         Nottinghamshire v Leicestershire
            Taunton              Somerset v Derbyshire
            The Foster's Oval    Surrey v Northamptonshire
            Edgbaston            Warwickshire v Essex
            Worcester            Worcestershire v Sussex

Sept 12:    Derby                Derbyshire v Warwickshire
              (Riverside)        Durham v Leicestershire
            Chelmsford           Essex v Sussex
            Cardiff              Glamorgan v Surrey
            Canterbury           Kent v Hampshire
            Uxbridge             Middlesex v Somerset
            Northampton          Northamptonshire v Lancashire
            Worcester            Worcestershire v Gloucestershire
            Scarborough          Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire

Sept 19:    Derby*               Derbyshire v Durham
            Chelmsford*          Essex v Glamorgan
            Bristol*             Gloucestershire v Kent
            Southampton*         Hampshire v Nottinghamshire
            Leicester*           Leicestershire v Middlesex
            Northampton*         Northamptonshire v Yorkshire
            The Foster's Oval*   Surrey v Worcestershire
            Hove*                Sussex v Somerset
            Edgbaston*           Warwickshire v Lancashire

(* indicates match includes Sunday play)