SCORE: AUS v ENG WSC 16/12/90 FINAL SCORE (JONES the greatest?)

SCORE: AUS v ENG WSC 16/12/90 FINAL SCORE (JONES the greatest?)

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Brisbane, Sunday 16 Dec 1990

A sellout crowd of 20,000 fans were treated to one of the great one day innings
as Dean Jones became the only batsmen with a one day average in excess of
50 by pludering the meagre Pommie bowling to all parts of the Gabba.
Jones' 145 from 136 deliveries was the highest one day score by an
Australia. His second wicket stand on 185 with Geoff Marsh, the highest
second wicket stand by Australians, helped lift Australia to an
unasailable total of 283 off 50 overs. After scoring his century off 118
ball Jones really let loose, scoring the next 45 off 18, and adding 30
runs off his own bat before Steve Waugh could get off the mark.

The English bravely attacked the Australian score, with enterprising
knocks from Gooch, Lamb, Stewart and DeFreitas (flown in from England to
replace the injured Small). However the necessary big innings did not
eventuate and a steady fall of wickets saw the English challenge fail 37
runs short.

After the game Jones replied modestly to suggestions that he was now the
best one day batsman in the world, "I rate Javed Miandad as the best one
day international player in the world, along with Viv Richards. Javed
works the game out very quickly, attacks the ball, can hit or bunt the
ball and is very fast between the wickets. And nobody will ever match
Viv's power." With 4 sixes and 12 fours Dean must have gone close.

Simon O'Donnell reached a personal milestone of 100 wickets in one day


Boon lbw b Fraser                        10
Marsh c Larkins b Bicknell               82
Jones c Tufnell b DeFreitas             145
S Waugh not out                          14
M Waugh  c Tufnell b DeFreitas            5
O'Donnell c Morris b DeFreias             0
Border not out                            4
Sundries (3b 12lb 1nb 7w)                23

Total                                 5/283

Fraser          10-1-47-1
Bicknell        10-0-64-1
DeFreitas       10-0-57-3
Hemmings        10-0-57-0
Tufnell         10-0-43-0


Gooch b Mathews                          41
Larkins b O'Donnell                      19
Lamb c Border b Mathews                  35
Stewart run out (Border)                 40
Smith run out (Border)                    6
Morris c S Waugh b Mathews               13
DeFreitas not out                        49
Bicknell b Rackemann                     25
Hemmings not out                          3

Sundries (1b 8lb 1nb 5w)                 15

Total                                 7/246

Reid            10-1-41-0
O'Donell        10-2-43-1
Rackemann       10-0-41-1
S Waugh          4-0-20-0
Mathews         10-0-54-3
M Waugh          4-0-23-0
Border           1-0- 9-0
Jones            1-0- 6-0


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SCORE: AUS v ENG WSC 16/12/90 FINAL SCORE (JONES the greatest?)

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Is Jones the greatest? Of course!