Left arm googly

Left arm googly

Post by Ashok Ing » Thu, 31 May 1990 13:49:24


>Could someone post the roots of the term "Chinaman" in Cricket.

>In Jamaica, where I grew up, a "Chinaman" was a derogatory term used for a
>Chinese man. Although, in India, while I was playing for my University that
>term was used to describe a left arm bowler's googly.

>Is this terminology still being used in first class Cricket today?

>Kaiser Adeni

I believe that a left arm bowler's googly is called a googly.  The
term "chinaman" is used to describe a left arm bowler's leg break
(that is, what would be a leg break to a left hander).

The great Sir Garfield Sobers was known to have been able to bowl
seamers, cutters (bowling fast), orthodox left arm spin (i.e. left
arm bowler's off break to a left hand batsman), chinaman and
googly.  (Add to this his excellence in batting and fielding!
It's a good thing he wasn't also a great captain - he would too hard
to believe).