MP asks SL Moslems not to cheer Pakistan

MP asks SL Moslems not to cheer Pakistan

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               MP asks SL Moslems not to cheer Pakistan

               May 23, 1997

               Agence France Presse (AFP)

               A Muslim member of the Sri Lankan parliament has urged the
               Muslims in his country to cheer their national team, and
               not Pakistan, when the two teams clash in the finals of
               the Independence Cup ODI tournament.

               "Every Sri Lankan should be wishing and praying that our
               national team pulls off yet another magnificient win,"
               says A H M Azwer, MP belonging to the main opposition, the
               United National Party.

               "There is disquiet and rumbling in certain quarters,
               however, that a few misguided elements in the Muslim
               community hail Pakistan against Sri Lanka," Azwer said in
               his statement. "This is neither sporting, nor a real
               Islamic attitude. Sri Lankan Muslims in the past have
               displayed an astounding sense of patriotism from the day
               they landed in this serene island. And they should keep it
               up even today. Hail they country, hail thy motherland
               should be the cardinal motto and slogan the Muslims of Sri
               Lanka should cry when the best of three finals between our
               country and Pakistan begins on Saturday.

               "Let us not leave an iota of doubt in the minds of our
               brother communities that we tend to support a foreign
               country," Azwer said, adding that he was relieved to learn
               that the ulemas (preachers) had been making extraordinary
               efforts, in their Friday prayers, to "instill in the minds
               of the faithful the lesson of patriotism."

               Azwer has appealed to the community not to leave room for
               "msichievous elements to take advantage of those few
               misguided persons, and earn for the community the blame of
               being thought unpatriotic!"