Score at lunch, 4th Test at Old Trafford

Score at lunch, 4th Test at Old Trafford

Post by Charlie Ba » Fri, 28 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Score at lunch : WI 94-4.

Batsmen out,    Campbell                c Russell       b Fraser        10

Campbell was unlucky - I'm not convinced he hit the ball.

                Hooper                  c Crawley       b Cork          16

A dreadful mistimed pull shot - well taken running over his shoulder by
John "Can't field, allegedly" Crawley

                Adams                   c Knight        b Fraser        2-

Adams got twenty-something (sorry - can't remember!). Edged an easy one
to second slip.

                Richardson              c Thorpe        b Fraser        2

Richie's not going to be very happy. Out to the last ball before lunch for
2 edging a feeble defensive prod to Thorpe at 1st slip.

All in all, some not hugely great bowling (although Fraser and Emburey have
both bowled very well) rewarded by some slack shots by the Windies. Looks
like a pretty decent batting pitch, but old Emburey's getting plenty of
spin and having a tremendous duel with Lara (who's on 30-odd).
Cork has bowled adequately, White, to be honest has bowled a couple of decent
balls - fetched Adams a *** blow to the ribs - but otherwise has been
very average. Fraser has bowled exactly how you'd expect - competantly and
well. Watkinson hasn't turned his arm over yet, but with Emburey causing
some trouble, I expect he'll get his chance soon.

Looks like a decent game.....