5th test, Aust v India, Day 2, 5th hour

5th test, Aust v India, Day 2, 5th hour

Post by Robert E » Mon, 03 Feb 1992 17:04:29

Reiffel continues after tea, India on 1/58, after Australia were
dismissed for 346.

McDermott's first ball of the session, in the next over, took the edge of
Srikkanth's bat, to Moody at second slip, low and to his left, dropped.

Srikkanth tried a pull, about 25 minutes later during which nothing much
happened, from way outside off stump, got it quite high over Boon's head
at short leg.  Boon ran back to near the umpire, and held the catch without

McDermott got one from the edge of Tendulkar's bat first ball, but short
of the slips.

The rest of the hour seemed pretty slow - Manjrekar took a boundary from
the last over, that Phillips dived over at mid on - that was his first
boundary in well over an hour and a half.

At drinks: India 2/95, Manjrekar 26, Tendulkar 19, extras 11.