Why I am a Kapil fan

Why I am a Kapil fan

Post by Amit Tamha » Wed, 30 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Ravi K writes.....

>Why I am a Kapil fan...
>Why I am not a Kapil fan.
>>If you told me that some guy just hit four straight sixes to avoid the follow
>>on in a test match, my first response would be- it must have been Kapil!
>>He gave me  some moments that I will always cherish. I still vividly remember
>>him nonchalantly hitting Hadlee for 13 runs in an over (Vengsarkar added four
>>more) in the WCC '85 semifinal.
>And I still remember the way Salim Mallik demolished Kapil in that Calcutta
>ODI and just broke my heart. Imagine a situation where Pak was 164/6 , needing

and later, in the same breath (almost) offers ....

>Just one advice.  Consult a good cardiolagist , your heart is weak.

Seems like you have some personal experience in this area. However, I dismiss
your diagnosis.

>another 66 runs in 6 overs.  After that match I felt like saying "why the hell
>is India playing with Paksitan".

So why didn't you actually say it? Like to keep your feelings bottled up?

What is the point of having a cricket team if you don't play anybody?

>> He was a world beater when we did not have too many of


>Yup , if the world in your definition starts from Kashmir and ends up at

My definition covers the entire planet quite comfortably.


>-- RaviK.