Articles for First Cricket Year Book

Articles for First Cricket Year Book

Post by ch.. » Fri, 27 Nov 1992 11:48:28

The Cricket Club at McGill University, Montreal, Canada
is pulishing its first Cricket Year Book to commemorate
the formation (resurrection) of the club and the success
of the cricket team in the Montreal Cricket League.

At this moment we are compiling articles for the book
and we are particularly interested in articles
that cover the following topics:

a) History of Cricket in the North American Continent
( I remember reading an excellent article in the last year in r.s.c)

b) Origin of Cricket ie where, how, when etc

c) Cricket Humour.

d) Messages from Cricket Clubs in Universities all over the world.
   (Names of administrators, addresses etc will be apprecited)

e) Evolution of cricket with time ie how the rules changed
   from the early days to what they are today.

f) Records in cricket ie equivalent of guiness book of records,
   for both one day and test matches.

g) growth of cricket in various parts of the world.

i) any other relevant topics.

If there is sufficient interest, I will summarise the results.

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