Another umpire falls to the Aussie charm

Another umpire falls to the Aussie charm

Post by razarah.. » Fri, 30 Dec 2005 03:06:51


> This new umpire from Pakistan seemed very hesitant to give LBW's
> against the Australian batsmen when the South Africans were bowling.
> One expected him to give the same treatment to the South African
> batsmen. However, Smith's decision was not plumb. It was at best 50/50
> as the ball might have just clipped the bails. Its interesting that we
> never saw hawkeye for this delivery which was given out.

*** The umpiring in the match has been very good overall. If the
Australians get more decisions going their way, the fact that they are
better than any other team has more to do with that than bad umpiring.
Nonetheless, the umpire is a human being. He makes mistakes, and is not
as accurate as the spectator at home armed with both Hawkeye and 20/20
hindsight. I only have a problem with obvious bias and incompetence

The Aussies are a confident side, and often that will sway an umpire on
close decisions. Some other sides are at times are too deferential to
certain umpires (Hair) when they should call a bastard a
bastard-and-a-lying-sonofa***. However, the Australians have
demonstrated that being amicable and friendly to the umpire doesn't

Ponting: "Gidday you kaffir lover."
Umpire X: "Thank you sir, may I have another?"

In the above exchange, the Australian captain does his best to
establish rapport. The umpire is impressed with the display of cultural
superiority and becomes obsequent.