WI vs Aus 4th test

WI vs Aus 4th test

Post by Cazemba N Phillip » Thu, 27 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I heard heard all the bulls**t on how the pitch has been doctored and so
on, but as you can recall it is Aussies pacers that has destroyed WI upto
now not Wonder Boy Shane Warne as it should have been, so if the pitch
was doctored, whould you make it a green top? I don't think so.
Enought of this bulls**t.

So now that WI has tied the series, the fourth and final test will be the
decider since it is unlikely that a draw is possible (judging from the
three previous tests).

I must commend Aus for a brilliant series upto now, no one expected such
a fight from them even with McDermott and Flemmings.

Also I think S Waugh should have certainly by now prove that he is
capable of handling the quick stuff.

Wonder Boy Warne has done nothing much really by his standards except
removing the tail-enders.

McGrath is by far the quickest of the bowlers (including WI) upto now,
but I still think Reifell is the pick of the bowlers, altho he has't got
much wickets to show for it, but he is the only one who consistently
bother the specialist batsmen, all of them that is.

Ambrose seems to be back, but to me he does't seems to be fully fit, but
the key to the match is him along with Lara and hometown boy Walsh, I see
WI winning this one inside of 4 days, b'cos both team has been struggling
with the bat, and it does't looks likely to change, and the possibility
of a four test series going without an individual hundred is strong.