Richard Sutherland and the likes

Richard Sutherland and the likes

Post by Allan Farberwa » Wed, 25 Jan 1995 23:38:12


>Farberware) writes:

>>WoW the World Champs got stuffed!
>>Made my day. I'm going to give a treat
>>to all my near and dear ones.
>>Had the last laugh. And nobody can
>>enen flame me. Life is great or what.
>>BTW, does this mean that Pakistanis
>>are down from their high pedastal finally.
>>Admit it you Pakis that the gap between the
>>"first group" of Pak, Aussies and WI and
>>th "second group" of SA and India are more
>>and more disappearing. Don't give the bull
>>that WY was not playing and that's the

>Wow, you must be the most obnoxious person I have ever read. What is it
>that makes South Africans such bad sports. I have read very few modest
>and/or complimentary articles directed to these sports groups. Why do
>you think it neccessary to humiliate a whole nation of people just
>because the Springboks won a game. You make me embarassed to be a South

Why is every one so worked up. I have been getting hate mails
( not that I care) much to my dislike. Do you all mean to say
that I should say I'm sorry that SA won. WHY? How did I
humiliate the whole nation. By just trying to make a point that
they are really not unbeatable and make them accept this. How
did this humiliate them. Some of you guys are such hypocrites.
Have you all forgotten the state of the rsc when some of these
teams win a series/championship. Was the rhetoric then
very pleasing to all the supporters of the losing side/sides. I do
not remember such outburst directed to the boastful few then.
Then why now. Cause I'm not apologetic that SA won. All these
reactions just go on to prove that rsc has "mainly" 3 types of following.

1. Some lucky ones who have the RIGHT to say/boast about anything.
2. Some who don't know how to express their feelings when
something good happens to their team and jump at others who can express.
3. Most guys who read articles mostly but request some
statistics once in couple years or so.

In conclusion, I don't care what you all have to say.
And will see the tone of rsc in the seasons/series to come.


Richard Sutherland and the likes

Post by Jawad A » Thu, 26 Jan 1995 04:29:23


>>Wow, you must be the most obnoxious person I have ever read. What is it
>>that makes South Africans such bad sports.

It may have nothing to do with with South African fans.  Mr Faberware
has also been posting his words of wisdom in Urdu/Hindi on s.c.pakistan.

The fans on both sides have been remarkably well behaved, and it should
be easy to ignore the few exceptions.  The Pakistan team perhaps owes
us all an appology for not playing their best, if the reports are
true.  Kudos for RSA for a very professional performance.

j n a