Michael Hussey -- Outstanding

Michael Hussey -- Outstanding

Post by FRAN » Thu, 29 Dec 2005 06:50:10


> > McGrath in yet another 50 run last wicket stand (contibuting 2 off 24 balls)
> > LOL

> And now, or so the guys on the radio say, the only man to be involved
> in two 100 run 10th wicket partnerships in Tests.

Nathan Astle (Morrison, Cairns)?

> I didn't see Hussey's knock, but to put on 90 odd whilst allowing
> McGrath to face just 56 balls is really good play. McGrath deserves
> some kudos as well.

Tremendous, though I thought they gave away three or foour singles in
the latter part they could have taken, and they missed a two early on
when they assumed they'd get a boundary and didn't run.



Michael Hussey -- Outstanding

Post by razarah.. » Fri, 30 Dec 2005 04:52:06

*** I wonder if McGrath threw a fit in the dressing room. He was well
set, cruising to a ton after he had shepherded the talentless Hussey to
a century. All Hussey had to do was keep the ball down and let McGrath
put the bowlers to the sword. But in all seriousness, Hussey is super