Sanjay's "cultured" and "civilized" comments.....

Sanjay's "cultured" and "civilized" comments.....

Post by Ashesh Pare » Sun, 25 Oct 1992 23:59:01

(Sanjay Kohli) writes:
> Muqtada writes::

~ If not then Indian defeat is very much a possibility. In any case, in
~ this particular test, Zimbabwe has proved its superiority over India in both
~ the departments (bowling as well as batting).

~                   Kaps has 402 now [counting till he gets 432].
~ Muqtada Husain

> This statement shows how immature you are one f***** test and they are
> better than India. I can bet you, you are a Pakistani and you are a ignorant
> moran.

IMHO Sanjay has erred in flaming Muqtada.  I believe he owes Muqtada a public
apology, or else he should simply unsubscribe to this group.  We just don't
want flame-wars on this net - this is  I think Sanjay
belongs to ignorant.morons.flame.war.lovers.  There is no doubt that India's
performance in this test has been PATHETIC!!!  There is absolutely no denying
that - and I am an Indian (not a Pakistani)!