Cricket Equipment Wanted - Tenders Please

Cricket Equipment Wanted - Tenders Please

Post by Deep Third M » Thu, 02 Apr 1992 05:34:30


The Trojan Cricket Club is looking for equipment.
We need approx:
                2 - Bats
                2 - Bat. Pads (2 pair)
                1 - Wkt. Pads (1 pair)
                3 - Bat. Gloves
                3 - Thigh. Pads
                2 - Helmets
               24 - Balls (good quality)
                2 - Elbow. Pads
                4 - Abdo. Guards

I would appreciate it if somebody out there could give us some info on
where we could get a good deal on all this equipment.  I have seen a price
list that has been distributed via rsc and e-mail.  The prices on that list
have gone up by as much as 35 - 40 % since Fall of 1991.  Thats a little too
rich for our budget and we are shopping around.  If somebody out there in
Aus, Nz, India or UK can ship us the equipment then please give us a total
cost (including shipping and handling).  We are taking tenders.  We hope to
make a decision as soon as possible.



Vaseeharan Nesiah
Trojan Cricket Club