Not enough whining by SA enthusiasts (thats South Australia, not South Africa)

Not enough whining by SA enthusiasts (thats South Australia, not South Africa)

Post by Pave » Tue, 12 Nov 1996 04:00:00

:> I was feeling left out by my total lack of knowledge in the Indian/TN
:> so I've decided to start my own thread as a South Australian.
:> Why are there never any South Australian in the Australian team?
Eh?  The
:> obvious answer, ris that the South Australians play like crap, is
:> null and void given the Titan Cup and the fact that the rest of the
:> Australian team (always excepting Paul Reiffel) played like ***
too.  A few
:> South Aussies would have fitted right in there.
:> And a stronger mystery is Why is it on the rare occassions that South
:> make it to the Australian team, they suddenly loose all ability?
Look at
:> Lehmann.  He was pretty good once.  No, sorry, his failing was
selling his
:> soul to those bastard Victorians.  I remember.  Look, instead, at
May.  He
:> went really ***at an amazing rate once he hit the Australian team.
:> felt discouraged by another bastard Victorian - Warne.
:> Has it anything to do with the fact that the Cricket Academy is in
South Australia,
:> and it discourages local talent?
:> Anything to do with the fact that Adelaide has far and away the
nicest oval in
:> Australia, and therefore has about the least amount of matches played
there (though,
:> since I moved to Sydney I have changed my mind.  More Sydney
matches.  ***
:> Adelaide!!)
:> Under normal circumstances, I forgive the Australian selectors for
ignoring the

>: land of my youth (alas, no longer, sob!), reminding myself that the less people

:> playing for Australia, the stronger Sheffield team we have and the
more likelihood
:> of *** the other states, especially Victoria.  However, since we
just got
:> thrashed ourselves by WA, even that consolation is now no more.
:> It is all too sad.  I look forward to your letters of consolation and

:> Di

:> PS  Yes, I know Reiffel is a Victorian.  It's not his fault.
I heard in a movie/TV serial something like "Nobody is perfect :)"
:> PPs  Yes, I know Victoria has some good points.  The Essendon
football club,
> for example (go the mighty bombers).  My sister lives there.  The MCG.  The
> Boxing day test AT the MCG.  The fact I can stay with my sister while I go
> to the boxing day test at the MCG.  The faint possibility that it won't be
> rained out this year.  The list goes on.........