Tour Match 1993 July 8

Tour Match 1993 July 8

Post by Colin D. C. Stee » Sat, 10 Jul 1993 06:20:58

Tour Match 1993 July 8 at Stone (Staffordshire)
Minor Counties v Australians
55 overs per side

Minor Counties won toss and invited Australians to bat


  ML  Hayden      c Humphries     b Newman     19
  MJ  Slater                  lbw b Newman      1
  DR  Martyn      c Humphries     b Donohue    14
  SR  Waugh                       b Evans      22
* MA  Taylor      c***bain      b Newman     53
  IA  Healy       c Dean          b Evans      16
+ TJ  Zoehrer     c Humphries     b Derrick     0
  BP  Julian                      b Smith      31
  PR  Reiffel               not    out         50
  SK  Warne       c Dean          b Smith       8
  WJ  Holdsworth  c Dean          b Smith       5

      Extras                                   11

      TOTAL                                   230 (54.3)


      Dean                        b Holdsworth   4
      Gaywood     c Zoehrer       b Reiffel     14
      Adams       c Zoehrer       b Holdsworth  11
     ***bain    c Zoehrer       b Reiffel     70
      Davies      c Zoehrer       b Reiffel      0
      Derrick     st Zoehrer      b Warne       16
      Humphries   c Waugh         b Holdsworth  21
      Newman                  lbw b Reiffel      9
      Evans       st Zoehrer      b Taylor       5
      Donohue                 lbw b Reiffel      0
      Smith                   not    out         0

      Extras                                    22

      TOTAL                                    172 (48.3)


Until I see the papers tomorrow, I can't be sure who the minor county players
are. The following former county players MAY have been playing

I***bain   (Former Lancashire opener)
J Derrick    (Former Glamorgan all-rounder)
DJ Humphries (Former Worcestershire wicket-keeper)
PG Newman    (Former Derbyshire opening bowler)