Salman Azhar...our friend (!)

Salman Azhar...our friend (!)

Post by David Gow » Sat, 20 Nov 1993 08:43:54

I would like to use bad language, but I won't. Am I the only person in this
group who thinks Mr. Azhar is a professional tosspot? Does the entire
universe agree with me that he is filling precious space that could be filled
by something useful, like a rubbish tip?

   Mr. Azhar is not worthy of the sobriquet 'quintessential'; he is as about as
pure as a lump of dogs**t.

   Get real Azhar, you're an assh*le and we don't want to hear your
senseless remarks. Stick your head in the sand!

David Gower                          Just because I support England, it doesn't
                                     necessarily mean I hate Salman Azhar; but
Hampshire Cricket Club               I do.