Anil Kumble's poor performance abroad

Anil Kumble's poor performance abroad

Post by Nikhil Sha » Mon, 07 May 2001 01:31:03

Here is Anil Kumbles away record

away     30 1583.4  3986 101  6/53   8/113  39.46  2.51  94.0  4  0

                            Ave     Strike Rate
 1990 (age: 19y 76d)       56.66    120.0
 1992 (21y 76d)            25.88    80.7
 1993 (22y 76d)            29.17    74.2
 1994 (23y 76d)            51       50.0
 1996 (25y 76d)            60.14    152.8
 1997 (26y 76d)            43.43    92.0
 1998 (27y 76d)            21.69    56.4 <-------- HIS BEST YEAR
 1999 (28y 76d)            53.83    120.0

- Anil started in 1990 and had a strike had of 120 with
  and average of 56, this is a poor start for a bowler

- if you can take 1998 out, his best year, he was averaging
  close to triple figures as far as his strike rate is concerned.

This chart clearly proves that if took an average of more than
2 spells to take a wicket, a performance which makes it difficult
to win, since he allows the batsmen to settle down and
result in major, long partnerships, with his economical bowling.

SO whenever Srinath and Prasad took wickets, Kumble could not
deliver the Knockout punch.

These were the key reasons India lost abroad.

During Ajit Wadekar's 1971/72 tours, he managed to win with 3 spinners.
That was his formula, 3 spinners, Wadekar thought the medium pace attack
was all humbug. Bedi, Chandra, Pras and Venky combined well with
good averages and strike rates to bowl teams out within 300 and
with a solid batting lineup backed up by Gavasker, Vishwanath,
Sirdesai we were able to pull it out. Another advantage we had
was Farokh Engineer who batted well to pull out these wins.

India, really never had a problem with batting lineups, and even today
Azhar and Sachin along with Sidhu, Manjrekar were still a very solid
lineup to win abroad.

Nikhil [who thinks Kumble was just for ODIs] Shah