Ted Koppel on Larry King about cricket

Ted Koppel on Larry King about cricket

Post by Venkatesh Jagadeeshwa » Tue, 16 Jul 1996 04:00:00

For most of the people from sub-continent,Baseball is the stupidest and
boring game they have ever seen.Taste differs.


(Ramaswamy) writes:

|> Vedula)
|> >Hi,
|> >   I heard from a friend that Ted Koppel on Larry King Live about
|> baseball
|> >said
|> >"It's only virtue is that it makes cricket look more boring "
|> >or something close to that. I believe it's mentione din TV guide as
|> well
|> >(I haven't see it ) . Any Comments anyone ..
|> To those that insist it is, it is. I've read that one of Ray Lindwall's
|> best friends (unnamed), a tennis player, hated cricket. So be it.
|> I watched that interview (promoting his latest book, about "Nightline")
|> -- the remark was at best a passing reference, they were talking of
|> baseball I think and I expect Koppel brought up cricket because he was
|> born in England (Lancashire?) after his parents had fled Nazi Germany
|> and before they emigrated to the US by his ***age. Had he been born in
|> Canada, he might have said curling... who knows.
|> Folks may remind themselves of what Cardus said: "There is one great
|> similarity between music and cricket. There are slow movements in
|> both."
|> I care for cricket and I like baseball and don't consider music boring.
|> Cheers,
|> Ramaswamy