Poor Saad, all he said was...

Poor Saad, all he said was...

Post by Jawad A » Sun, 28 Jun 1992 18:49:18

>                                                           You might
>    sound more rational making a more intelligent claim like "given what
>    these bowlers have achieved of late, its quite possible that a
>    couple of years down the road, after they have played against many
>    more batting line-ups and have done well against them, they can
>    rank among the best ever ..."

Vaibhav, you too have taken a leave of your rationality, in your somewhat
romantic assessment of the Pakistani bowling talent.  Next time I hope
that you will use the following (corrected) format:

                                                                  "given what
        these bowlers have achieved of late (which really is very little, and
        lets face it, it is what they have failed to achieve that really stands
        out), its quite possible ( in the vague sense that anything is possible)
        that a couple (several would be more realistic, but by that time Akram
        would be way past his prime, and this whole thing would have long
        fizzled out) of years down the road, after they have played against
        many    more batting line-ups and have done well (considering the
        state of batting today, anyone can do well, so lets make that
        exceptionally well) against them,

        ->they stay out of hospital and prison,
        ->there are no unforeseen acts of nature, God or war,
        ->they manage to stay away from Indian actresses and Pakistani
        ->have not lost themselves into slavery as a result of an unsuccessful
             defence against a Botham lawsuit.
        ->they practice safe sex, and take their vitamins,
        ->there still exists a country called Pakistan that is allowed to
             participate in sports.
        ->there are no further changes in equipment, grounds and rules that
             make the entire act of bowling obsolete.
        And so on and so forth)

        they can rank among the best ever (provided that the word 'best' has
        not taken on any new conotations, and some of us may still not be

I understand that this boilerplate format is still incomplete, inaccurate
and overly enthusiastic ... but you get my drift, don't you?

>    - You can confine yourself to theology or join the empirical world,
>    albeit, empericism can be a bummer when your fancy can take you
>    higher.

I don't know how theology got into all of this, but I will take this
opportunity to vax mystical with you, Viabhav.  I don't know about
Saad (and even disagree with some of what he wrote), but some of us
are in this thing solely in pursuit of that etherial cricket high
-- where expert opinions and statbooks seize to matter.


>                                    Regards,

>                                               - Vaibhav.

j n a. Bandwidth_Bandit, Jive_Talkin'_Turkey.

p.s. Saad, have you committed any acts of public degradation and shame
that would explain this?