Best cricket gear made in India

Best cricket gear made in India

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New Delhi, Mar 29 (Agancies)

Everyone knows India is a cricket crazy country but how many
know that the best gear for the game is made here.

Take bats for example. While Kashmir willow is still the
best for bats at the junior level, English willow is
preferred by the seniors at the international level.

The English willow bats are no longer made exclusively in
England as the raw material is imported here, made into bats
and exported to various parts of the cricket playing world
where some of the big names in cricket equipment manufacture
put their own lables and sell them.

This happens with others too like balls and gloves, pads,
helmets etc, according to a three-episode series to be
telecast on the DD sports channel from Wednesday. The
series, directed by journalist Anil Saari, gives an idea to
the layman of the intricacies of the manufacture of cricket
gear backed up with comments from well known cricketers like
Kapil Dev, Chetan Chauhan, Madan Lal, Kirti Azad and Vijay

There are also the stalwarts among the manufacturers like SG
, BDM and SS sports (all of meerut) and Beatall sports and
PC Sondhi of Jalandhar explaining the different requirements
of various players and how they are met.

For example, in this increasingly automated world, bats are
still made manually in India.

It is explained that in the manual system, it is easier
todistribute the weight of the bat as per the wishes of the
particular batsman. For example, some want the bottom to be
heavy while others prefer top heavy.

the hero of sporting India, Sachin Tendulkar, uses one of
the heaviest bats in the game and has three grips on the
handle while as many as 15 canes are condensed and fitted
into India captain Mohd Azharuddin's bat.

Kapil Dev's bowling grip, which helped him claim the maximum
number of Test wickets, is no secret at all. As the legend
explains, it is a straight forward one with the first two
fingers of his bowling hand gripping the seam and the thumb
doing all the work to swing or cut the ball either way.

"I always felt happy when the seam hit the deck, " says the
man who led his 'devils' to World Cup victory in 1983. Kapil
Dev says emphatically that cricket balls made inIndia are
among the best in the world.

One now finds wicket-keeping gloves having webs. Former
India stumper Vijay Yadav describes as misconception the
idea that the web makes catching easier.


Best cricket gear made in India

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>One now finds wicket-keeping gloves having webs. Former
>India stumper Vijay Yadav describes as misconception the
>idea that the web makes catching easier.

A few questionable statements in here, but this is the pick of them by
far. If the web in the glove *doesn't* make catching easier, why do I
find it 100 times easier to catch with keeping gloves than with my
bare hands?

Edward Humphries

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