[Scorecard] Ind Wills: Madhya Pradesh v Punjab, 1 Nov 1995

[Scorecard] Ind Wills: Madhya Pradesh v Punjab, 1 Nov 1995

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Wills Trophy Quarter Finals
Madhya Pradesh v Punjab
IPCL Sports Complex, Baroda, 1 November 1995

Sweet revenge for Madhya Pradesh - P. R. Viswanathan

Chandrakanth Pandit and his enterprising set of  cricketers  gave
Madhya  Pradesh a proud victory over Punjab in the first round of
the Wills Trophy tournament here today at the  IPCL Sports   Com-

Pandit, on the eve of the  match,  expressed  his   keenness   to
avenge  the  defeat M.P. had suffered at the hands of Punjab in a
Ranji trophy knock-out tie two seasons ago.  And  he  was  proved
right today with M.P. winning by 58 runs and 5.3 overs to spare.

M.P. chose to bat and amassed 241 for six in 50  overs.  The  men
responsible   for   posting   this  total  were the stylish left-
handed batsman Amay Khurasia, Chandrakanth Pandit, and later,  D.

Pandit joined Amay with M.P. on 40 for two in 8.3 overs. The next
26 overs belonged to these two batsmen who never allowed the Pun-
jab bowlers to dictate terms. No doubt this pair did not  set the
stadium   alight   through  any  fire-works,  but then, they per-
formed with admirable temperament accumulating runs through  sin-
gles  and twos. Of course, occasional bad balls were treated mer-

Suddenly the pair lost its concentration.  Pandit  wanted  a  run
when   the ball from Kapoor hit his arm and the trickled down to-
wards silly point which was untenanted and  Amay  responded.   In
the  meantime  wicket-keeper  Dharmani, picked the ball and broke
the stump at the other end with a direct hit to dismiss Pandit.

Pandit made 37 (69 balls, 88  minutes)  in  the   88-run   stand.
Then  Amay  found  an able partner in Dwivedi (20) but he himself
was out at 172 (39.4 overs) for a fine 89  (103  b, 141m,   5x4s,
1x6), when he chose to pull a full-toss from Amit Sharma, and the
ball landed into the hands of Kapoor at deep mid-wicket.

The final overs were dominated by D.  Nilose  (47  not  out  with
3x4s, 2x6s, 37 balls and 34 minutes). He and Rajesh Chauhan added
37 runs in the last 4.2 overs.

Punjab began on a disastrous note losing Vikram Rathore  off  the
third  ball. The first  two  balls were wides by Nilose.  But the
next ball was flicked by Vikram and Saif at  square  leg  did  no
mistake. Nilose struck again in the ninth over to send back Dhar-
mani who in the company of Sidhu looked settled for a big associ-
ation.  Bhupinder  junior  was  run out by a throw from mid-on by
Hirwani when Sidhu wanted a second run (44 for three),  and,   12
runs  later  Sidhu  was  out  when  Pandit snapped up a catch off
medium-pacer Sodhi. Sidhu made 33 off 42 balls  with  three   4s.
With his exit (56 for four in 13.1 overs) M.P.`s confidence grew.

No doubt Amit Sharma played an inspirating role coming in at  the
fall   of  the third wicket. But except Bhupinder senior (23), no
other partner was inspired by his gritty approach work.  Amit was
the last man out for 62 (92b, 128m, 3x4s).

Amit and Bhupinder senior added   58   runs   for   the   seventh
wicket   to  provide  the  lone  bright spot in Punjab`s innings.
That was the period when Punjab looked likely to bounce back into
the game.  At the end of the 40th over the score was 164 for six.
But once Bhupinder senior left in the fifth ball of the next over
it became a hopeless situation for Punjab.

Dwivedi (3) and Lahore (1)  accounted  for  Punjab`s  last   four

====> Scorecard

Toss: Madhya Pradesh
Result: Madhya Pradesh won by 58 runs.

Kirti Patel           c Dharmani         b Obaid Kamal         17
JP Yadhav             c Dharmani         b Sandip Sharma        6
Amay Khurasia         c Ashish Kapoor    b Amit Sharma         89
Chandrakanth Pandit   run out                                  37
P Dwivedi             st Dharmani        b Bharti Vij          20
D Nilose              not out                                  47
Mohammad Saif         c Bhupinder jnr    b Sandip Sharma        0
Rajesh Chauhan        not out                                  12
Extras                (lb 9, nb 3, w 1)                        13
TOTAL                 (6 wickets, 50 overs)                   241

FoW: 1-23, 2-40, 3-128, 4-172, 5-203, 6-204.

Bowling                      O      M      R      W
Bhupinder Singh snr          4      1     19      0
Obaid Kamal                  7      0     37      1
Sandip Sharma                8      0     47      2
Ashish Kapoor               10      0     32      0
Bharti Vij                  10      0     41      1
Manish Arora                 6      0     27      0
Amit Sharma                  5      0     29      1

PUNJAB innings
Vikram Rathore        c Saif             b Nilose               0
Navjot Singh Sidhu    c Pandit           b Sodhi               33
Pankaj Dharmani       c Chauhan          b Nilose              17
Bhupinder Singh jnr   run out                                   0
Amit Sharma           c Chauhan          b Dwivedi             62
Aashish Kapoor        c Hirwani          b Lahore              15
Manish Arora          st Pandit          b Hirwani              9
Bhupinder Singh snr   c Pandit           b Dwivedi             23
Sandip Sharma         c Nilose           b Lahore               1
Bharti Vij            c Khurasia         b Dwivedi              2
Obaid Kamal           not out                                   5
Extras                (b 4, lb 4, w 8)                         16
TOTAL                 (all out, 44.3 overs)                   183

FoW: 1-2, 2-39, 3-44, 4-56, 5-92,
     6-110, 7-168, 8-169, 9-177, 10-183

Bowling                      O      M      R      W
Nilose                       6      0     35      2
Sodhi                        7      2     16      1
Lahore                       9      0     45      2
Saif                         1      0     10      0
Hirwani                     10      1     35      1
Chauhan                      7      1     15      0
Dwivedi                      4.3    0     19      3

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